NewHope offers a broad range of courses throughout the year
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CAP Money Course

Cost: Free

CAP Money is a comprehensive yet astonishingly simple money management course to help you get, and then stay in control of your finances. The principles taught by our Money Coach in this three week course have proven to be effective for thousands of people over the last ten years.

Over 3 weeks you will learnHow to build and live on a budget. This is the cornerstone of managing your money well. The CAP Money system, which will help to simplify your money management including expenses and make it understandable. Effective use of cash on a week to week basis. By applying these three principles, you will learn how to manage your money and enjoy your life. The course includes a Money Management Pack with a personal budgeting tool.

Parenting Teenagers Course

Cost: $10 for one adult or $15 for two

The Parenting Teenagers Course, developed by Nicky and Sila Lee, consists of five sessions designed to equip those parenting or caring for 11 to 18 year olds with the tools to build healthy relationships with their teenagers while guiding them into adulthood. This course is suitable to invite family, friends and neighbours to attend, and is a combination of video presentation and small group discussion.

Your host for this course is Fiona Beveridge. Fiona is the mother of three boys (aged 16, 14 & 12) and has a passion for seeing people flourish in their parenting.