Mental Health Support

We all need care and there are times when professional support can make all the difference
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Mental Health Support

Your mental health and wellbeing is of great importance. We all need care and there are times when professional support can make all the difference. 

NewHope Community Care and NewHope Medical have partnered together to provide mental health support to individuals in our community. We aim to help overcome the hurdles in accessing counselling services, whether that be financial or long waitlist times. Our desire is to help bridge the gap and empower people with new and ongoing hope.

Our Mental Health Support Service:
6 free sessions with either a registered counsellor or mental health social worker.

Please contact us for more information.

The Flourish Course

The Flourish Course is a wellbeing course that applies positive psychology strategies from a Christian perspective. At its core, The Flourish Course is designed to help you find greater joy, connection, and direction in life – to help you to flourish. It is for you if you don’t feel as though you are living life at your best, and want tried and tested strategies that will help you change that. The content of The Flourish Course has been well tested having run multiple times to-date within NewHope Baptist Church, with outstanding results each time.

The feedback received is always positive and speaks about how much participants personally gain through being involved. The fundamental idea underpinning Flourish is that wellbeing is a skill – it can be learned. We have seen strong evidence of skill development to-date through participant feedback and the ongoing stories they share with us. We are greatly confident in the power of Flourish to increase your wellbeing through its strong foundation of scripture and psychology. No prior knowledge is required to attend this course, just a willingness to engage and be consistent in your application of the simple strategies as they are taught.

The Flourish Course runs at different times throughout the year. Use the button below to find out more and check out upcoming courses.